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MLMusicStudio Preschool eCourse

12 Week Preschool Music Course

What you'll learn:

  • Beat
  • Dynamics
  • Pitch
  • Tempo
  • Music Notes
  • Music Instruments

And a love for music!

What People Are Saying:

I am thrilled to have found Miss Lauren's Preschool Music eCourse for my Home Child Care Program! It's no secret how important the early years are to brain and personality development and that music enhances brain development, personal expression and mood. In my line of work as a Child Care Provider, giving children the best start in life is my goal. With that in mind, I did my research on Miss Lauren's Music eCourse and noted her qualifications. I then let the children's parents know that I struck gold! The parents enthusiastically provided me with the registration fee and since embarking on this journey, we have been THRILLED with the learning outcomes the children have experienced. Each week, the children and I, ages 2 to 5-years, gather around the computer to watch and engage with Miss Lauren as we have a blast learning about Beat, Dynamics, Pitch, Tempo, Music Notes and Music Instruments. The kids and I all talk to and answer Miss Lauren as if she's in the room with us. We love her beautiful voice and know that she is a sweetheart who cares about us. We often move to different rooms in the house for each new segment of a class as it helps the Littles to stay engaged. We march around the house as we sing along to the songs. We stop the recording when I want to emphasize a concept, get the kids input and feature each child "center stage" to show off and reinforce what they just learned. We use our imaginations to find items in our environment to act as instruments. We make and take great pride in the useful and fun music crafts that are featured weekly. In addition to the time set aside for music class each week, I also put the eCourse on during snack time or quiet time. While there is definitely so much learning happening with this eCourse, perhaps the best things are the fun we are having, the memories we are making and the confidence each child experiences with every song and craft.

Lucy Ric

Miss Lauren's preschool eCourse is very popular in our house. My son loves the energy and music! He is fascinated by all the songs and instruments. As a parent who doesn't know anything about keeping a beat or music basics, I have learned so much just from week 1! I'm learning along with my son. Lauren brings so much love and passion to her music and we are in awe of her creation! It's beautiful that the world gets to be a part of her magic!

Adrianna Skori

We just finished week one of Miss Lauren's preschool music eCourse and I am absolutely AMAZED! My 19 month old was engaged the entire time. She interacted with Miss Lauren and followed along with all the songs. She was dancing, singing, and playing instruments. It was incredible to see how much we both learned in just one lesson! I cannot wait to carry on with the course and to watch my daughter continue to develop both musically and creatively!

Ashley Svenkeson

Reese and I watched week 1 yesterday and LOVED it. I feel like if you have a preschool-aged kid, this is literally a no-brainer, but even if you have a baby, I think it's an amazing course! I feel like I got so much out of just one week and I'm so excited to keep going. Reese is so fascinated with music and I've needed a little bit more direction on how to meet her at her level and teach her about new instruments. We do have a lot of the instruments, but it is so fun using things around the house that you would never think to use for instruments! I feel like so many parents are just totally at a loss for what to do with their kids these days. I know for me, I had planned to do a weekly moms group where we sang songs to our babies and I've actually been really sad that we can't do it, so this has totally filled that void!

Sara Strueby